Auto Enrolment [AE] is the new legal obligation for employers to provide a workplace pension for their eligible staff. From… Read More

10 July 2017

Splitting a business to remain below the VAT threshold is as old as the hills, and often one of the… Read More

21 June 2017

Disposing of a chargeable asset such as shares or property, even when gifted, will in most cases attract a capital… Read More

20 June 2017

April saw the introduction of new tax rules for unincorporated buy-to-let landlords. According to the National Landlords Association (NLA) these… Read More

12 June 2017

Since the announcement of changes in mortgage interest rate relief for individual landlords, there has been a marked increase in… Read More

22 May 2017

Back in June 2016 we published an article ‘Crisis for public sector Contractors’ detailing the now active changes around the… Read More

16 May 2017

Would you like to earn £36,500 tax free? Under current UK tax legislation, with careful planning, application of exemptions and… Read More

9 May 2017

If you’re a contractor, have some sympathy for your Agent, Adecco Recruitment have suffered a loss in the upper tier tribunal recently relating… Read More

2 May 2017

The government seem adamant that a Contractor and an Employee are one and the same thing. With the introduction of… Read More

11 March 2017

If you operate in the construction industry you should be acutely aware of your filing obligations. Penalties are severe for non… Read More

10 March 2017

Philip Hammond started off by saying the UK has continued to confound the commentators with robust growth and a deficit down… Read More

8 March 2017

HMRC have finally released their IR35 tool, aimed predominately at public sector workers, enabling them to assess contracts and employment… Read More

6 March 2017

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