Sign up before the quarter finals and we will give you the first year entirely free when England go on… Read More

16 June 2014

Contract Rate Mortgages Mortgages based on your contract and rate With the introduction of tough new requirements under MMR, the… Read More

29 May 2014

To buy or not to buy… that is the question! The purchase of a company vehicle would reduce your corporation… Read More

24 May 2014

“Expenses must be incurred….wholly, exclusively and necessarily…in the performance of the duties of employment” The wholly, exclusively and necessarily mantra… Read More

17 May 2014

Over the past decade the Internet has changed the way in which we shop. For everyday purchases the internet provides… Read More

7 May 2014

Over the past few years the contract market has become a much tougher place. With fewer contracts available and rates… Read More

28 April 2014

Mortgage applicants now face tougher questions about their lifestyle, let F9 help you navigate this new lending landscape. Our Secured… Read More

25 April 2014

Dividends; the distribution of accumulated profit to a company’s shareholders The extraction of company profits through dividends, rather than say… Read More

22 April 2014

  High Street Mortgages can seem elusive for many Contractors & Business Owners, with the insurmountable hurdles of large deposits… Read More

8 April 2014

If you’re a Contractor presented with a take-it-or-leave Rate Cut decision, by focusing on your tax efficiency, things may not… Read More

8 April 2014

For many Directors, managing their VAT and Corporation Tax cash flow can be challenging. With progressive penalties for late payment… Read More

8 April 2014

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