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Property Accountants

Are you a Landlord, Property Investor or Developer?

Whether you are a Landlord, Property Investor or Developer, making sure you are correctly reporting and calculating your tax liabilities should be of major concern. Property businesses inevitably have a significant balance sheet value where mistakes are often magnified and can be significant. It is essential you instruct professional help at the earliest opportunity to ensure you structure any transaction correctly.

With HMRC now using it’s CONNECT system to initiate enquiries against Landlords, the database which has a direct link to the land registry as well as the Deposit Protection Service, compliance relating to your tax affairs concerning property related income and gains is essential.

We have a team of experienced property accountants ready to help. Contact us for a free no obligation consultation, before HMRC contact you.

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Buy to Let

For time immemorial it has been said that an Englishman’s home is his castle, however over recent years you could be forgiven for thinking his castle includes a buy-to-let portfolio.

With the ease and availability of relatively cheap credit in the early Noughties many people seized on the opportunity to purchase property for investment, this has lead to in excess of *89% of landlords now being private individuals and just 5% being companies, responsible for 71% and 15% respectively of all dwellings let.

Our team of accountants and tax advisers are able to provide you with advice and services to ensure you are firstly structured correctly and secondly paying the correct amount of tax.

We can provide advisory on how best to receive income and how to extract capital invested, tax free, which would enable you to essentially transfer your personal mortgage interest charge into the Buy-to-Let portfolio.

There are many changes being introduced in this area, if you would like a no obligation consultation on how these will impact you, contact us today.

*Private Landlords Survey – download here


If you are in the business of buying and selling properties, both commercial and residential, then you should be aware of how fundamental it is to understand your tax position prior to purchase.

It’s amazing how many small-scale uninitiated developers totally ignore their tax obligations, naively believing they will obtain Principal Private Residence relief simply because they have lived in the property for a period of time.

This is often not the case given it is the quality of occupation which dictates access to this relief and not the quantity, and many tribunal cases have ruled against tax payers for exactly this reason.

Assumed profits can be totally negated entirely when taxation is applied.

Property is an area of tax and accounting that carries a high level of complexity, for the ill informed, errors are often serious given the nature and value of transactions.

F9 are well versed in utilising the relevant legislation to mitigate tax liabilities through effective planning, we provide advice and practical solutions to ensure you are compliant and only pay the tax that is legally due.

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