Finance Bill 2017 The snap election back in June curtailed the legislative changes put through parliament at that time however the… Read More

24 October 2017

Securing a buy-to-let mortgage is about to get much tougher. In a bid to reduce irresponsible lending in the sector,… Read More

9 October 2017

Criminal prosecutions for tax evasion are on the increase. In 2010 HMRC conducted just 499 unannounced visits, by 2016 this… Read More

4 October 2017

In these uncertain times, it is tempting to look to a slower pace of life or maybe a more secure… Read More

25 September 2017

The treatment of ‘disbursement’ items recharged to clients is a contentious area of VAT and one that is frequently misunderstood…. Read More

20 September 2017

In typical style, government assisted free and tax-advantaged childcare arrangements are about to become even more complicated. With multiple schemes available, combined with… Read More

7 September 2017

Over the past twelve months whilst property transactions have remained largely flat, the Treasury has managed to gain an extra… Read More

5 September 2017

In July, the Supreme Court released a unanimous verdict on the Rangers football case. The decision stated any payments made… Read More

29 August 2017

Channel 4 aired ‘Catching the tax dodgers‘ last night, a fly on the wall documentary revealing, for the first time on… Read More

15 August 2017

If you are trading commercially online, your cost of listing goods on Ebay will soon increase by 20%. E-commerce business… Read More

14 August 2017

The common reporting standard is a new global standard on the automatic exchange of financial account information between countries which… Read More

31 July 2017

For those of you who follow Boxing or MMA, the spectacle that is Mayweather vs McGregor has begun. Both will… Read More

12 July 2017

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