5 Reasons to switch Accountant in 2017

Time to switch accountant

Time to switch accountant

Many of us set goals around this time of the year and these often include improving our lifestyle, health and frequently our wealth.

With Taxation being one of the main reducers of wealth, if you are serious about increasing your digits in 2017, switching accountant could be just the catalyst you need.

Below are our top five reasons you should switch accountant in 2017 and take back control of your financial affairs.


  1. Reduce your tax Liabilities

It’s true that most people will leave their spouse sooner than their accountant, however bucking this trend could see your fortunes increase.

Over 98% of clients that switch to F9 Consulting pay a lower effective rate of tax, this is a record we are proud of and one we support with a £500 money back guarantee.


  1. Think big

The UK Corporate Governance code stipulates a mandatory audit tendering provision forcing UK listed companies to seek out a new accountant within a specific timeframe.

If switching accountant is recommended practice for large corporates, why not adopt the same approach for your business?

We offer a free initial consultation, book today to speak to one of our qualified Chartered Tax Advisors.


  1. Be proactive vs reactive

When was the last time you challenged your accountant? We all lead busy lives, often consumed with the task of earning money, however, how much time do you commit to ensuring the amount you pay in tax is correct and not more than you are legally obliged to pay?

Operating in a tax efficient way does not happen by accident, you need qualified, professional advice, planning and implementation.

Are you confident you are receiving the level of service required to stay ahead of legislative changes in 2017?


  1. HMRC enquiry fee protection

For many months we have written about HMRC’s increased use of its multi-billion-pound system CONNECT to initiate enquiries, and with the latest figures now showing over 90% of enquiries now being generated as a direct result of CONNECT, it is statistically only a matter of time before you will have an enquiry raised.

Since inception F9 have operated a practice wide policy to cover all clients with Fee Protection, at no additional charge.

This ensures we can resource HMRC enquiries with the required level of professionals, totally free of charge to the client, giving peace of mind and ensuring a successful stress free resolution.

If you are not receiving this level of protection from your current accountant, you are at serious risk of incurring substantial additional fees should you be the target of a HMRC enquiry.


  1. Homogenous we are not

Did you know ANYONE in the UK can call themselves an Accountant! Within this profession there are hundreds of qualifications, some requiring no more than a credit card and signature to gain letters after your name, while others demand around eight years of study, examination and verified employment, combined with continued annual compliance with learning and development requirements.

Do you know where your current Accountant falls in this broad spectrum and are they suitably qualified to manage your affairs?

All Accountants and Advisors at F9 hold either ICAEW, ACCA or CIOT Chartered qualifications, these represent the pinnacle in regulatory bodies for Tax and Accounting and are the most widely acknowledged and respected. Can you afford to settle for anything less – caveat emptor.


2017 looks set to be an exciting year, there are many opportunities alongside a plethora of uncertainties. To ensure you are best prepared for the year ahead contact us today to arrange a free consultation and explore the benefits F9 can offer.

We have Accountants in Canary Wharf, Accountants in Brentwood and Accountants in Essex waiting to take your call. Contact us today.

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